a lot of updates (3/17/24)

i have done quite a bit for this website over the past few days! i culled all of the unnecessary index directories when i could have all of them here on the home page!! (like why need a dedicated "ocs" link when i can just put my toyhouse down below???) i also added some neat graphic which i will show after this paragraph! if you scroll down, you may notice (this is probably your first time seeing this loll) that i have added links and websites below! originally these were gonna be on their own page, however, as part of the culling, i realized that the would just look better on the home page!

i am really tired and have no idea what to add. I took like an hour break after putting the above images in (which are entirely free to use :3). I would like to talk about my interests more a bit, I think. I am really close to getting the platinum trophy for hitman 3, which I probably will never do since I don't really like mendoza. I am thinking of playing dishonored again and trying to get the platinum for that game. That would, however, require me to do a high chaos run which would require me to be mean :c.

I am feeling really nostalgiac for thelostnarrator creepypastas/grim dark fanfics. I never actually finished MLP:FiM because I just grew out of the fandom, and I grew to dislike it because stuff like Amino and stumbling upon BFE (Daily) on YOUTUBE of all places!! My Little Pony has probably ruined me for life. I did like the darker side of the fandom tho, like cupcakes and smile hd and stuff like that. I never really minded gory subjects, probably because I used to watch (by proxy (find my pages)) Happy Tree Friends when I was really young. Like I watched it on Netflix on the Wii!!

I have been watching MrCreepyPasta and the Haunted Gaming Archives as of late to satiate this nostalgiac creepypasta hunger. I think I should really not title these blogs before I work on them because this is extremely off-topic lmao. Hearing these familiar voices read off these stories of questionable quality is so nice sometimes. There is a cool little channel called VibingLeaf keeping the creepypasta spirit alive and it is really nice.

Anyways, I think that brings this blog to a close. I may work on my about me, and this website would be in a complete state, which would be nice. There is more than that that I could do ofc, but that would come with time and new knowledge lmao. Eventually, I will add more stuff like recommendations, reviews, and all of that, but first I would need to know what to add. If you would like to contact me for any reason, you can use the friend invite link in my links section at the bottom, my DMs are always open for anything lol. Be warned tho, I am not a very good conversationalist ;p.