websites are hard bleh (3/15/2024)

I have a pretty hard time talking about myself and the things I do on the net. One big issue I have (one that I am using to this blog post to tackle) is compatibility (not the word i want but i can't think of the proper one rn T^T) with mobile phones. The issue is that in order to do that is dealing with complex html/css subjects or javascript, which i am trying to avoid like the plague. The only coding knowledge that is cemented into my head was from when I was like 11 or 12, doing codecademy lessons on the computer.

I'm taking a sort of typewriter approach to this blog. Besides basic text/grammar editing, any idea written is staying there. (mostly because i hate myself :pp) Doing this all within a text editor, directly hard-coded into the website, is kinda nervewracking. seeing all my shitty simple inconsistent code and the disorganization of this blog bost littered with <span>s and <br>s while notepad++ is autofilling words I should use and adding these words into its dictionary make me feel like I am just doing all of this wrong. (talk about a compound-complex sentence) I'm pretty sure that is what imposter syndrome is I think, but also I know that you need actual skill to have imposter syndrome lmaoo

Back to the main topic (this is so scatterbrained omgosh) there is so much I need to do hhhhh... i just spent the last 20 minutes making the website more mobile friendly (between the ellipses and now). The only thing I have to worry about now is the header, which I eventually plan to make an image. Okay so I just used vw to change the size, which is nice. blehjh Back to the topic fr this time. I really need to add an about me, links page, and a guest book. The guestbook is the easiest thing to do, however I have no idea what to put in the about me and links page. I wanna redirect to some really cool sites in the links page, but, like, idk any really cool sites besides like maybe two.

I have no Idea how to segue into this next topic, but I don't know how to feel about having the increased traction when getting the neocities supporter thing. The only real reason I acquired it was to have a custom domain and online storage for my drawings (especially full quality lossless too :33) and I am really not used to the attention, even though I think that is what I wanted in the first place blehh.

anyways, back to working on what I wanna do may update this later. also check out my spotify playlist, its what I listened to while writing this!!

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