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I am Wren, a 19 year old artist! - I use 'it'.
please use 'it' when referring to me.
not they nor he nor she.

I am a gamer who plays video games in its free time. I am also a college student working towards its AA degree and, hopefully, a bachelor in compsci!!

I am a big fan of Rain World. I am not a big fan of downpour because it feels like a mod and not a dlc (bc that's what it is)

My favorite TV shows include: Smiling Friends, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, and Over the Garden Wall

My taste in music varies widely. However, my favorite song of all time is All This Time by Jonathan Coulton.

I may draw a lot of anthropomorphic animals. This does not mean I am a furry. I am not a furry (for deeply personal reasons)

Currently, I am working on a comic. This comic is still in its planning stage though. It will be hosted on ComicFury when it's done!


finishing touches (3/21/24)

this will be a very short blog because i am not too interested in writing right now. as you can see, i drew something new! click on the picture to view it in full resolution :3 ! I have updated the copyright of my art and this site, which you can find below! essentially, i have put my work and art on this site into the public domain! I wrote my about me as well! it is a bit scatter brained but i have no idea how else to format it loll. there is also a new button at the bottom featuring a cool artist(snew)!

anyways thats all the stuff worth mentioning. i also platinumed dishonored, but that is pretty much it. cya.

care about your online privacy? i found this site while browsing, i think it's pretty cool cat bounce :3 feel better Dreamycities