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I am Wren, a 19 year old artist! - I use 'it'.
please use 'it' when referring to me.
not they nor he nor she.

I am a gamer who plays video games in its free time. I am also a college student working towards its AA degree and, hopefully, a bachelor in compsci!!

I am a big fan of Rain World. I am not a big fan of downpour because it feels like a mod and not a dlc (bc that's what it is)

My favorite TV shows include: Smiling Friends, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, and Over the Garden Wall

My taste in music varies widely. However, my favorite song of all time is All This Time by Jonathan Coulton.

I may draw a lot of anthropomorphic animals. This does not mean I am a furry. I am not a furry (shut the fuck up)

Currently, I am working on a comic. This comic is still in its planning stage though. It will be hosted on ComicFury when it's done!


general life stuff (+ new site update) (07/19/24)

haio! nothing much new lately :/. recently my town got hit by a tornado.. no damage but my wifi flickers often and it gets kind of annoying/.. in one month it will be my birthday. so thats that. i also started learning japanese, however im still no where near basic comprehension. im using two apps congruently to learn rn so maybe it will be successful! sorry im not very enthusiastic loll.

in other news,, i updated my button!. now its even more animated than before! i also did some artfights and still have some more to do, but i dont really have the energy to actually update my gallery :p..

anywaays, thats pretty much it... cya.

care about your online privacy? i found this site while browsing, i think it's pretty cool cat bounce :3 feel better Dreamycities wrender.neocities snewberry.neocities